Maps and Directions  - make sure you scroll down for suggested routes and other downloads

Map showing the location of trees and where to pick up a copy of the programme.

All locations are approximate - or where googlemaps thinks the location is! Sometimes the location of the tree can be on the opposite side of the road to where the map indicates.

A few locations have more than one entry (the school has 7 for example, Vicarage Close 6) so make sure you see them all!

Here are some suggested routes and maps to help you plan your walk around the Grenoside Christmas Tree Trail.

You can use the map above on your smartphone, or try the Ordnance Survey app which has the routes below already saved. Look for 'OS Maps' on the Play Store or App Store. You'll have to register your details but the basic package with a road map is free.

You can also find the routes on the Ordnance Survey website: where you'll also be able to do a 'fly through' of the routes.

There are two routes with directions each covering around half the village, but they don't include the outlying trees at Creswick Greave, Middleton Green and Whitley Lane. For these you may want to make a special trip.

For the adventurous there is a route (map only) which covers all 175 trees in one 8 mile long hike! We'd suggest wearing suitable walking shoes/boots for this route, as it involves crossing muddy fields, and perhaps starting at the trees at Whitley at dusk, as we wouldn't recommend walking on Whitley Lane in the dark.

Grenoside West 

Grenoside East

All the Trees! (map only)